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Alien House is a record label and clothing brand.
It's home for individuals who feel like they came down on an asteroid with a little alien family, evolved to look like humans to fit in and survive however have a burning urge to stand out and be their true selves.
I'm not saying that I am an alien (or am I...)
But ever since I was young I've ripped, painted and customised my clothes with the goal of standing out from the crowd and being unique. I've never carbon copied trends opting to steer from the path instead, in a way exclusive to me.
Taking this a huge step further, in 2016 I created Alien House. My very own brand solely for myself to further my quest for individuality. It felt awesome wearing the logo I had created knowing I was the only human in the world wearing it.
Alien House is like my child. But like with any child you have to let them grow and release them into the big wide universe eventually. After much deliberation and many requests from family, friends and strangers alike to make Alien House available for others to wear and enjoy. I realised that the clothes you wear aren't the be all end all to individuality and sharing my creation with like-minds would be really fun and fulfilling.
So, I let go and set it free.
I hope wearing the Alien House logo inspires people to go against the grain with pride.
Alien house opens its doors to you.